Why You Need To Install A Smoking Shelter In Your Facility


It is a legal requirement that the people who smoke to do it are a designated area. The law insists that they should do their smoking business in the shelters. The smoking shelters are usually some designated places that the people who smoke can smoke without affecting the nonsmokers. It can either be in public places or segregated areas. In most cases, a smoking shelter can hold a minimum of two people and a maximum of up to twenty individuals. Please view this site for further details.

You will easily identify the shelters across streets, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and even in the markets. The smokers are well protected against rain wind and the sun. Other risks that can be identified by cigarette smoking will be dealt with when you install the shelters. The government and the management of different organizations should find it worthy to buy and install smoking shelters for it brings a lot of benefits as they are discussed below. Find out for further of these details right here.

It is within the law that a business should have a specific place where people can smoke. The law insists that all businesses should ensure that they have smoking shelters that will be used by the clients and the employees. Assuming that your customers or employees do not smoke are not a noble thing to do. You should install at least one shelter within your premises as the law insists.

The people who smoke will not be bothered about the health of the nonsmokers if you indeed install the smoking shelters in your business area. Smoking as you are aware pose health challenges to both the active and the passive smokers. You do not have to necessarily smoke but when you are near person who smokes you will be affected. The perfect way to ensure that the smokers whether they are your employees or customers that don’t worry while doing their business is just as simple as building smoking zones for them.

Fires are mostly caused by cigarette smokers. The careless disposal of final pieces of a cigarette causes a lot of fires. A haven will help in a big way in preventing such cases that result in massive losses. Shelters provide a safe place where the smokers put the left cigarettes butts that usually causes the fire.

The smokers are also protected from the sun, wind, and rain. It is usually a place with a roof top and walls providing an enabling surrounding for the smokers. There are also spaces between the walls and the ground that enable free flow of fresh air. With the spaces available, the air within is clean and free from smoke.


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